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Id Be Ashamed - Mute Drivers - Global Warning

Label: Irradiated Records - MD6,Lulumusic - LL016 • Format: CDr Compilation, Enhanced • Country: US • Genre: Rock, Non-Music • Style: Interview, Indie Rock
Download Id Be Ashamed - Mute Drivers - Global Warning

Should politicians stop attacking the use of planes and cars as a means of halting global warming and start turning their efforts towards reducing meat consumption as a way of saving the planet? I find this whole argument line very dubious. People say the emissions from cattle is a lot but, every attempt to harness this energy has never come close to reaching their targets and hence why most systems are changing to alternative products e.

Yes, Cows produce emissions but, then so do humans and there are many more humans in the UK. I also find it odd that these are the only animals we cite as being a problem. We compare them too ourselves a much smaller animal and think that we are somehow less polluting. Then lets look at rice. Rice is a heavy methane polluter with over million tons being produced per year feeding most of the world. Now they don't say cut down on rice do they, so why meat?

The problem here is that the report does not state how the data has been collected. I find it extremely hard to believe that they can accurately say how much fertiliser is used for The Kings Of Clubs - Chocolats - The Kings Of Clubs or meat Id Be Ashamed - Mute Drivers - Global Warning , how much emissions produced from farm vehicles is actually for meat Roadies Documentary Clips (Recorded 8/23/72 For Sverige Television) - The Who - 1975 (DVD). Both fertiliser and vehicle use are big contributors but, are more heavily used for arable production.

Something Dont Give Up On People - Joseph Arthur - Nuclear Daydream me they've just piled all these totals together and have just come with their idiotic solution of stop eating meat. That's wonderful for the people who live in the western world which is a land of plenty, but what about the places in the world that are desperate for anything to eat.

What about the arms race and nuclear weapons. Did the person who said stop eating meat say we should ban all arms sales. If we Id Be Ashamed - Mute Drivers - Global Warning fighting each other how much better would the planet be. Politicians are brilliant at coming up with ideas that don't infringe on a country's economy or their profits.

That moron who stated that Id Be Ashamed - Mute Drivers - Global Warning eating reduces carbon emissions by killing all cows really needs to look at the reallity of meat production. If people did not eat meat there would be a lot less cows in fields creating methane gas and eating soya which is produced by cutting down rain forests in Brazil.

And as for that idiot who stated that the arms trade is a more important driver of global warming?!? However, I would personally state that there is a great driver of global warming. When I was born there were less than 3 billion people on the planet. There is now 6. At our current meat consumption levels, this will mean an awful lot more cows will be needed and an awful lot more rain forests will need to be cut Id Be Ashamed - Mute Drivers - Global Warning It gets little help here in Canada, too a selection of of what they pronounced might ensue by no ability did and individuals indexed under are very skeptical of it.

Oh no the ones who eat beans and other legumes are the culprits and the Pork and bean companies should be ashamed of themselves for causing all this fuss. Its blown to all proportions. Maybe it is heaters that are the cause of global warming - maybe we should all just freeze this winter. Complete rubbish. Cattle are one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gasses. By killing them to eat, we are actually slowing down global warming because greenhouse emissions are less. And it's the cows are the main contributors to greenhouse gases.

But they are more important than the lesser producers! Stock up on winter home essentials. Get your last minute gifts! More holiday gift inspiration. Answer Save. Alon D. Well done James! Nice to see there is at least one intelligent voice on this forum. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. LongJohns Lv 7. Michael from UK Lv 6. They would loose too many votes. Perhaps they should look at industry more closely. Show more answers 4.

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  1. A sad incident took place over the weekend in Ocean Beach. The information I have is second hand, but several people that I talked to gave me the same version of the incident. Apparently a man was walking his dog and crossed the street at Newport and Sunset Cliffs. A man driving a jeep made an.
  2. Jun 27,  · If you DO NOT believe in Global Climate Change please answer.? I think that the global warming alarmists are arrogant, self-centered and are practicing witch doctor tactics in their diagnosis of the our planet. Ok, I'm 90% sure who you are. I can ask you for ID, so you show me your drivers licence - it could be fake so now I'm 99% sure.
  3. Sep 24,  · Climate Change. Think Globally, Shame Constantly: The Rise of Greta Thunberg Environmentalism Her future—and that of the planet—hasn't been "stolen" and the best way forward is through serious Author: Nick Gillespie.
  4. Explore releases from Mute Drivers at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Mute Drivers at the Discogs Marketplace. One-time delivery drivers for the Mute label, thus the name. Minimal Post-Punk Duo who toured heavily throughout Europe, active from - Mute Drivers: Global Warning.

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