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Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini

Label: Nocturnal Art Productions - Eclipse 004 • Format: CD Album • Country: Norway • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. While black metal is a musical style that is often built around The Real Thing (Paris Avenue Remix) - Various - CD Club Promo July 2008 Part 1 to sound as evil as possible, there's not many bands that truly feel that Heinrich Schlusnus - Heinrich Schlusnus Im Memoriam. So many of them just end up sounding campy, regardless of the how good their music Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini be.

Tormentor, on the other hand, is a band that carries an aura of genuine menace and darkness around them. Maybe it's the recording style, maybe it's the music, but Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini something about them that puts them ahead of the pack.

Like many other first wave bands, Tormentor's riffing style has a thrashy style, but they have a more atmospheric sound than most, playing wildly dissonant strings of notes at the end of a riff to illustrate the chaotic scenes that Attila Csihar shrieks about. There's none of Venom's sleazy, alcohol-sodden charm, this is a whole other beast.

The solos tend to be pretty unhinged and wild, but bits of melody often peak through and give them a more traditional feel, like on the instrumental piece "Lyssa," which is built around eerie guitar melodies and flashy soloing.

The song "Tormentor I" pretty much sums up everything there is to love about the album. The main riff is both drilling and catchy, the drums carry loads of aggression, and there's even a guitar harmony section that calls to mind bands like Iron Maiden.

Attila's screams are fantastic, and are a key part of what makes Tormentor sound Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini of their time, building upon singers like Quorthon to develop a more extreme style. The vocals are easily one of the strongest parts of this album, and succeed in making the music sound genuinely evil and misanthropic.

Although most of the album carries on at a breakneck pace, some of the best moments are when the band brings the tempo down a notch. Likewise, "Beyond" maintains a slow chugging pace, and the eerie choral sounds in the background take the song to the next level. For a group of teenagers without the ability to put out an album, "Anno Domini" is a true black metal classic, and deserves your listen.

This Album, Anno Domini, which can be loosely translated as "year domains" in Latin was a demo tape that was relaesed by the Hungarian band Tormentor. The band could not release this in their own country due to communism not allowing it so it was sent to Norway to be released as so with the previous demo "The Seventh Day of Doom. But tuely this album is awesome and gives so much more than one can imagine for its time.

It is probably one of the greatest first wave of black metal albums in the 80s. Now this album is full of wonders and ruthlessly fast paced music so brutal it could turn your ears into masochists that year for the brutality to return again and again. The album starts off with an intro that is basically an instrumental track that acts as a metal cover to the theme music of the classic horror film "Phantasm.

Its fast, brutal, and mindlessly ferocious beyond belief!! The drums blast themselves to smitherines and the guitar riff shreds like crazy. By the way, on this album the lead singer is Attila Cshnir, Who would then be the lead vocalist for the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem on their album "De mysteriis Dom. The guitar solo is awesome and becomes very extreme and only gets faster as the song continues.

The it unfortunately ends, Then a song theat highlights the opus of the album is "Elizabeth Bathory. The song features a slow and epic approach which sounds a lot like a mix of mid year Bathory and Emperor. It is the longest song here but probably one of the most distinctive songs due to its use of synthetics and choirs. The Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini are none of the less amazing and superb but i feel like it goes through too qickly have the time and then one begins to forgrt which track they are on.

Then there is the song "Trance" which is kind of like a mind-rape song that goes from deep sinister voices to ghoulish laughter and then to death shrieking and death growling.

Its short and creepy, yet really fast like the rest of the tracks. Then there is "Beyond" which was a song that had returned the dark eerie epicness like in "Elizabeth Bathory" using the synthesized choirs and slower refined drumming with its occational rolls and fills and deep bass and heavy guitar riffs and an outstanding solo too.

The pace changes going from fast to slow but still maintains the epic feel and awe that the band managed to successfully pull off. Then there is the song "Apocalypse" which acts as a thrashy black metal like solo in the beginning nut then turns to this hard rock orientated feel once the singer comes in to shriek like mad.

Again, more like filler, but one can do anything in a demo tape so it matters not and is still a good song. Then there is the instrumental track "Lyssa" which is no more than two minutes in length but it shows what the band is truly capable of in entertaining the listener without the usage of vocals. It basically acts as a rehersal track but it shows the true potential each musician had and to put it to opus.

Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Mia Marianne - Vandrar Du Ensam, there is the last song "Anno Domini" which is basically the outro of the demo.

The song starts out with the guitar cover of "Phantasm" once again and evil laughter can be heard, then all goes quiet for a secong until the drums sound and all one hears is basically mindless screaming and growling of the name of the album title. Overall, this Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini is awesome and is of much worthy of listening to. For those that really like the whole 1st wave of black metal bands, then defiantely add these ruthless hellions to your collection.

I love this band and just the band title of Tormentor sounds so brutal and they truly meet up with the divine meaning of their band name through the music they play.

The main Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini of this album emphasizes alot on dark Hungarian legends and tales Jody Can Ease The Pain - Vernon Garrett - Live!!! history as well as violence, fears of hell, darkness and evil; and even the ideal perception and complexity of the mind and thought. Give this album a chance and in no time you'll find yourself listening to it frequently more than ever.

It makes you want to beat shit up and go insane and has a lot of power to it and its message. And if you love Mayhem and are a huge fan of their Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini album where this singer did vocals for, then you'll love this especially if you are a fan of Cshnir yourself. Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini yeah, do what you can to get a hold of this record at all cost because it is awesome, epic, and goddamn brutal as fuck!!!! Absolute fucking insanity.

That's really all that needs to be said about Tormentor's "Anno Domini" demo. If you fall into the latter camp of people, then you really must get your ears checked because, while there is some definite similarities in style, Tormentor are easily one of the more unique bands of the bunch due to the technical proficiency shown throughout these 13 tracks.

Surely I must be jesting, but of course not, these Hungarian vandals were very talented with their instruments because in the midst of the sheer aggression and fuddled atmosphere there are brilliant melodies that are strung throughout, Praise Jah - Don Carlos - Pass Me The Lazer Beam sections that have a classical feel and of course there are some phenomenal solos.

But, the vast majority of this demo is dedicated to sounding evil and ripping flesh with riffs that are razor sharp. The riffs range from crazy hammer-on-ridden ones like the ones found on "Heaven" the best song on this demo by the way and "Tormentor II" to Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini stompers such as the ones found on "In Gate of Hell" and "Beyond" to the venomous thrash riffs and tremolos like those featured on "Tormentor I" and "Apocalypse.

And, of course the other instruments all deliver here, with Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini drumming reaching top speeds that send the music into frantic paces while also spewing out great fills left and right.

The bassist manages to keep up with all of the manic music perfectly and also has some terrific fills. Then there are the vocals which might actually be the highlight of Tormentor's music, as the legendary Attila Chisar's vile rasps very similar to Quorthon and "Angelripper" conjure up a violent storm that is equivalent to the ferocity of the music itself. To sum everything up in a sentence, "Anno Domini" is a goddamn masterpiece where everything works perfectly together and if you find yourself not liking this demo then you need to be burned and died.

It's no secret that Tormentor was the band to give Attila Csihar to the world of metal, not to mention one of the prime examples of a band that effortlessly bridged the gap between the first and second waves of black metal. This album was worshipped by pretty much all of the early bands in Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini second wave of black metal, much in the way that early Sodom, Celtic Frost, Bathory and Venom were, but in my opinion, 'Anno Domini' had that certain Freak Time Baby - Luke Vibert - YosepH (Vinyl, Album) of feral thrashy ferocity that gave them the nod on the grounds of sheer extremity around the time of its release.

Opening with those much loved notes stolen from the Phantasm movie as Entombed also… erm… borrowed for their outro on the song 'Left Hand Path' a year or two laterthe album begins with a kick to the teeth in the way of 'Tormentor I', soaked in a morbid, freezing atmosphere that seemed to slowly seep into the listener throughout the albums run time, like only the classic albums can see 'De Mysteriis Dom Satanas' for another perfect example of this.

As with a lot of early black metal, this is heavily influenced by Thrash and Speed metal, with barbed riffs whipping past your ears at a rate of knots, with Attila's mad barks and howls coated in a thick Hungarian accent helping him to sound completely unhinged you can almost here the spit and bile hitting the microphone as he belts out his lyrics.

This, alongside the runaway freight train that is the crazed drum work and aforementioned molten riffage makes for a package no black metaller could turn away from.

So, in a nutshell, this is raw as hell, bitter and evil black metal which ranks up there with the best of them. It is brimming with youthful enthusiasm, inventiveness and most importantly — malevolence, which coupled with the fact that it boasts a series of seriously classic tunes see Elisabeth Bathory, Tormentor I, Transylvania etcit makes it a must have for any black metal fan's collection. Originally written for www.

Tormentor was formed inin Hungary, among the first Black Metal bands of the s. In the mid to late 80s, Tormentor had a lot of famous gigs in Hungary. After the first demo The Seventh Day of Doom the band had more and more attention. Then, inthey recorded Anno Domini which was definitely a highlight of the extreme metal scene at the time.

For many reasons e. The band was offered a deal for it on Euronymous' cult label Deathlike Silence Productions, but due to a lot of difficulties it was delayed. Tormentor's vocalist Attila Csihar, who is now quite famous for his insane and inhuman way of using his voice, was later asked to do the vocals on Mayhem's then long awaited De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album. During Attila's stay in Norway more concrete things were sorted out between Tormentor and DSP, so finally Deathlike Silence were ready to put the album out, but before they came that far Euronymous was murdered, and the whole thing fell apart.

Tormentor, from the very beginning, played Black Metal. They were influenced by the ancient Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini Metal gods of the early s, but they certainly have their own unique originality. Some has even linked some parts of their sound to Hungarian folk music. Tormentor consists of a strong musicianship, even though this is Black metal in the old vein, it is being performed with great professionalism.

In songs as the instrumental track "Lyssa" you can hear some really Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini guitar work. In Tormentor's music you can hear everything from raw and intense parts, both primitive and technical, to the more atmospheric type of themes with synth and a slower, mid-paced tempo.

Tormentor was in fact maybe one of the first Black Metal bands to compose atmospheric songs with for example the use of synth. There are not many bands back in the late 80s who have created such music. Anno Domini begins with an eerie intro, Trance - Tormentor - Anno Domini the main theme from "Phantasm".

The band manages to maintain the creepy and epic atmosphere that this theme has always had. This leads into the unrelenting speed of "Tormentor I". This song is a combination of tremolo and thrash riffs, joined by very obscure and evil-sounding vocals.

The sound is somewhat muffled, yet the brilliance still shines through. This is especially true of the great old school lead solo. There is absolutely no question as to what decade this was recorded. It is utterly consumed with the spirit of s underground metal. Influences from old Slayer and Possessed are very apparent. As on the previous song, the lead An Angels Wish - Brian Hughes - Under One Sky really stand out.

The song ends in a very classic way, with the slow build up and the violent crash. The next song is, probably, Tormentor's best known. There is somewhat of an epic feeling contained here as this seems to be one of the most thought-out pieces on the album. The aura is very morbid and sinister. There are many tempo changes throughout the song, taking you on a journey into the deep and murky forests of Eastern Europe. This song is pretty straight-forward, featuring more great solo-work near the end.

Anno Domini was released at a time when many of the Black Metal bands of the 80s had transformed into something else.


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  5. Case in point: Tormentor's Anno Domini, which is chiefly remembered (if it is remembered at all) as the album that launched the career of Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar. This is a shame, as Anno Domini is a brilliant record, rich in imagination and innovation, and should probably be considered the birth of black metal's second wave.
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  7. Intro / Tormentor I / Damned Grave / Elizabeth Bathory / Tormentor II / Beyond / In Gate Of Hell / Trance / Heaven / Transylvania / Apocalypse / Lyssa These recordings were never available again, but they are very interesting to listen. Some additional guitars and .

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