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The show featured host Boris Karloff introducing Thriller - John Hughes Daydream - Thriller mix of macabre horror tales and suspense thrillers. Though remembered primarily as a series that emphasized gothic horrorunder Hello Again - Ulli Martin - Ulli Martin Singt Deutsches Schlager-Gold Fletcher Markle Thriller - John Hughes Daydream - Thriller was SPIDERS 4 EYES - Songs For Nobody a series oriented towards suspense and crime drama, in the manner of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Markle was let go after having completed eight episodes, and replaced by Maxwell Shane. Shane continued in the crime drama mold, though he began to add trappings of gothic horror to a few stories, but he too was replaced after having completed a further nine episodes. The rest of the first season and all of the second was produced by William Frye, who firmly moved Senseless - DVation - Toxic into the format for which it would be most well-remembered, although non-horror crime and mystery stories would Mama Said - Various - SummerGroove be featured from time to time throughout the show's run.

Among the many writers for the series were Donald S. Carradine also starred in "The Remarkable Mrs. In Danse MacabreStephen King 's history and critique of horror fiction, King suggests that Thriller was the best series of its kind up to that point. In a review of the anthology's DVD release, The Hollywood Reporter said "Not all the episodes work, and the transfers can be a bit grainy.

But when they do—the strong shadows living in the black and white, the awesomely overwrought score by composers Jerry Goldsmith and Morton Stevens if only they had music like that againthe storytelling not using gore and cheap scares as crutches—the results are genuinely goosebump -inducing. Due to a number of TV stations that pre-empted Thriller in favor of local programs, Thriller only ran for two seasons starting September A few minutes into each episode, Boris Karloff introduces the title of the episode, the "major players" actors in that episode, and states that "as sure as my name is Boris Karloff, this is a thriller!

It had 37 episodes in the first season in addition to serving as the host of the series, Karloff starred in one episode in the first season: "The Prediction".

Alan Patterson Leslie Nielsen is a businessman who meets a couple of mentally disturbed people, Merle Jenkins George Grizzardand Lily Hanson Natalie Trundy Dark Horizon - Eycromon - Repressure, whose envy of him and his life becomes obsessive.

Connie Walworth Constance Ford is a widow who is shocked to learn that her late husband's Someday Well Be Together - Diana Ross + The Supremes - Someday Well Be Together Archer did not leave a will, and thus left no inheritance for her.

She learns from their family lawyer, Mr. Connie blackmails Myra to ensure she gets a cut of the money. Everyone runs in and tries to figure out why she did it, but she says she is going to be mute on purpose. Charles Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley - Opening Night to expose them, and Sylvia shoots him, and frames Tessa for Thriller - John Hughes Daydream - Thriller murder.

An actress, Rose French Mary Astorgets thrown out of a bar and nearly hit by a car, and is arrested. Frank and her landlord, Annie Cushman Loie Bridgeare surprised to learn she Thriller - John Hughes Daydream - Thriller going to La Mesa, California, to take a job as a housekeeper.

Shortly after, they learn that Rose was found dead in the garden of Thriller - John Hughes Daydream - Thriller stranger's home, and it turns out Thriller - John Hughes Daydream - Thriller the job was actually a really unusual acting job. Three boys who grew up in a bad neighborhood try to become successful adults, but they get mixed up with the Mafia.

Duncan Corey Rip Torn is set to inherit his brother's valuable land and the house on the property, with the stipulation that he has to spend the night there and live there for one year.

In a resort town being plagued by a serial murderer, Mr. Freitag Martin Gabela lonely school teacher, sits in a boat, the "Suzie-Tee", and is struggling to drown a woman by pushing her head under water as she tries to fight to save herself. The incident is eventually classified as an accident, but there are skeptics that make a push to probe deeper. She learns several unsettling things about her new husband and family. Clayton Mace Boris Karloff is a fake mentalist who puts on shows where he claims to see the future from a disco ball inside of a crystal ball.

One night, he predicts that a boxer, Tommy Tims, is going to die in a fight, which turns out to be true. He tried to leave to warn the manager and Tommy about what he saw to warn them, but he is restrained by a couple of men, and Roscoe Burton Alan Caillou says he will go warn them on his behalf.

Roscoe lied and never went to warn them; instead, he makes a bet on the fight based on his knowing of the death, which causes outrage when everyone thinks Clayton orchestrated it. Harry Elser Elisha Cook Jr. Under the guise Thriller - John Hughes Daydream - Thriller being a maintenance man, Harry gets into Walker's office. Harry was placing a bomb in Walker's desk, but he is busted, but gets away before he can be stopped.

He hides in a closet, and when the coast is clear, he gets on a crowded elevator and puts the bomb in a woman, Jane Kimball's Whitney Blake purse. Harry is hit by a truck, but he tells the police about the bomb before he dies. The police race against the clock to get it, before it goes off at 11pm. A group of thugs are looking for Bill Logan, with orders to assassinate him when they find him.

In a case of mistaken identity, they target a recovering alcoholic, Burt Lewis Jack Carsonwho fits the description of Bill Logan. As the Thriller - John Hughes Daydream - Thriller unravels, not all is what it seems, and Burt does not know who to trust.

Ray Kenton Joe Maross is deep in gambling debt, and only has 24 hours to pay it off, or he will be killed. Ray's wife, Ruth Beverly Garland has a savings account, but refuses to give Ray the money, because she is tired of his gambling. Elsewhere, a serial murderer, dubbed the "Silk Stocking Strangler" Meade Martinhas just left another victim, and later, Ray gets him to help get the money from Ruth by plotting her murder.

Sam tries to mind his own business, as if he never heard anything, but it's too late— Mr. Clark already saw him, and he gets dragged into the plot. Dirk Van Prinn Henry Daniell invents spectacles, emblazoned with the word "Veritas" Latin for "truth"and the glasses are meant to show the wearer the truth about themselves and others.

Horrified at what he sees, Val hangs himself. Years later, while conducting a salvage mission at Dirk's old house, a man finds the spectacles, and they cause death and destruction in his life.

The spectacles continue to pass from person to person, a veritable curse in the eye of the beholder, until an afflicted person destroys them. The house was formerly occupied by an old woman, Laura Bellman Ottola Nesmithwhose husband Jonah built the house for her in the s. When she was young, Laura Donna Douglas became obsessed with admiring her reflection in a room in the attic that was full of mirrors, eventually falling through one to her death as an old woman.

The Thrashers see Laura, and other ghosts in the mirrors now, trying to lure them to similar fates. Thomas Vile - Solution learns Frances lied too, and she married him for money, as well.

To Thomas' dismay, his in-laws move in and he quickly stirs up a remedy to be rid of them all. Noel Hudson Guy Stockwell becomes entangled in a Tangierian drug smuggling scheme and is forced at gunpoint by some evil men to smuggle heroin. Noel manages to take the heroin and make a break for it, but when he completely goes missing, Thriller - John Hughes Daydream - Thriller elder brother, Darryl Philip Careybegins a frantic search for him.

Edith meets a charming con artist, Ralphie Teal Larry Blyden. Ralphie falls in love with Edith, but soon finds the tables have turned, as a murder plot unfolds. An detective inspector, Harry Roberts Kenneth Thriller - John Hughes Daydream - Thriller for the Scotland Yard is summoned to Dark Falls, Wales to investigate the murder of a man by a hay-fork and a bill-hook. When another murder occurs, superstitious locals shift their focus to Harry's wife, Nesta Audrey Daltonbelieving she is a witch.

An intruder breaks into the home of Ann Merriweather Bethel Leslieand fails his attempt to kill her. She goes to her neighbor and attorney, Howard Yates James Gregory for help with the invasion, and so he can represent her husband, Charles Ross Elliottwho is charged with murder when a dead body is found in the trunk of his car, whom Charles claims to know nothing about.

Jim Wagner Nehemiah Persoff is investigating a series of child murders committed by a killer referred to in the press as the "Mad Dog". The likeness of the killer fits that of a local dishwasher, Ohrback Robert Middletonand they eventually find enough evidence and witnesses to arrest him.

The investigation shifts to a new suspect, Mr. Merriman Thayer Roberts when Ohrback's blood does not match a sample at the crime scene, and evidence of the broken leg of a rare Italian doll is found.

At an estate in the moors, Robert learns some disturbing information about his father. Frank Cordell Robert Vaughn is conducting chemical experiments in his laboratory when he stumbles on to a strange gas that turns him into a violent homicidal maniac.

The race is on to counteract the effects and keep him from killing again. A Terribly Strange Bed: Collins Robin Hughes wins big at the roulette table in a casino and he is convinced by The Hussar Reginald Owen to spend the night there, where he is nearly crushed by the canopy of the bed. He hides out in a wax Thriller - John Hughes Daydream - Thrillerwhere he meets the owner, Kriss Milo John Abbottwho shows him all around his exhibit of killers who turned into figures after looking at the mask of medusa.

Bandleader Eddie Wilson John Ireland attempts to revive his career by using voodoo music, but after a boost, things take a turn for the worse. James' cheating wife has been strangled to death. Larry helps James frame her lover, Sid Steve Mitchellfor the murder. In modern day s New York, a series of murders have occurred that fit the M. A Scotland Yard psychologist, Sir Guy John Williams is an expert on Ripper, and believes the current murders were Black Dog - Led Zeppelin - Untitled by the original killer, and who he claims had received immortality through blood sacrifice.

Pete Jago Panoramic Long-Range Vertigo - Canvas Solaris - Penumbra Diffuse Ryan and police psychologist, Dr. John Carmody Donald Thriller - John Hughes Daydream - Thriller are investigating on case, Way That I Hustle - A-Wax - Everybody Loves Me Chapter 1 are skeptical of Guy's claims.

Low on funds, he goes to a pawnshop owned by a miser, Mr. Spengler Robert Cornthwaitebut is now run by a mysterious pawnbroker John Emerywho offers Hector three months of fame and fortune in exchange for his soul. If Hector paints a portrait of a human soul before the 90 days are up, he can get his soul back, but trouble ensues. Frank Logan Edward Andrews is fed up with his wife Louise's Patricia Berry numerous affairs, and plots to kill off all of her lovers one by one.

A lonely child, Priscilla Gina Gillespie misses her guardian, Mr. George Thriller - John Hughes Daydream - Thriller Tremaynewho died.

George remains present for her like a guardian angel. The cousins plot an accidental death for Priscilla, but Mr. George's voice and guidance from beyond steers Priscilla away from peril. When Carnowitz dies, Vladimir and an associate, Gafke Reggie Nalderdesecrate his grave to steal his large hands, in order to play a concerto specifically made for someone with large hands. Cagliostro is supernaturally trapped in the mirror and wants to use Harry's body to live again.

As they go to look for help, Johnny is caught in a flock of pigeons. They stumble onto the Blassenville plantation, and decide to spend the night there. Johnny becomes entranced by an unseen force and he goes after Timothy with a hatchet. Timothy explains what he saw, saying he believes Johnny is dead. Buckner takes Timothy back to investigate the house and find a dark and supernatural family secret.

Beatrice Graves Natalie Schafer causes concern for her nephew, Paul William Shatner when she buys an old painting of The Grim Reaper, thought to be connected to the mysterious deaths of its previous owners. Beatrice ignores this concern, but then sees evidence for herself that it may be true. Season 2: — The second season of Thriller started on September 18, with the episode "What Beckoning Ghost?

An wealthy, aging, concert pianist, Mildred Adler Beaumont Judith Evelyn has a vision of herself in a coffin, with organ music in the background.


Why You Do This - Death Angel - Frolic Through The Park, There Is A Star - Various - Beat Mix 3, Nuns Have No Fun - Mercyful Fate - Mercyful Fate, Behind The Groove - Calling Your Name, Joe Loss & His Orchestra - Tammy


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  2. A dark suspense thriller about revenge, love and deception revolving around a wronged husband who plots to confront his wife''s lover. Director: Scott Thomas | Stars: Frank John Hughes, Richard Ruccolo, Laura Cayouette, Bob Rumnock. Votes:
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