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Nuked To The Bone - GMK* - Blitzwolves Of Thunder

Label: Mutopia Records - none • Format: Cassette • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore, Punk
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By mrnuggetsJune 10, in Ground Forces Discussion. The 50mm gun on them suck really bad. I have a video where I kept shooting a t around the turret and it never penetrated even after 6 shots. Then he he showed me his side and i got a shot into the turret and kill him. I think he was immobilized prior hand cause he never shot back. Srsli I cant kill anything, I just keep dying in those tanks.

Someone please, how do u guys work around the gun? Or am I doing something wrong? I am firing the standard ammo u get btw. A good idea may be to aim for his turret ring too. I need another 43 kill to unlock the final skin for the IIIM. It's a very, very, slow grind. Are you kidding i love pz IIIs, im probably the only one who does tho.

Ive played them a lot on my boyfriends account more so than mine. You are supposed to flank and fight at mid-range or closer if you can. The pzgr 39 does the most damage inside the tank if it pens. If you are fighting a t dont bother with the hull unless hes got his flat side exposed or you can land shots on that little machine gun port on the front.

The easiest way to kill him if hes facing you is to shoot the turret. Ts have Nuked To The Bone - GMK* - Blitzwolves Of Thunder shot trap where the turret meets the hull If you can land a shot there it will spray all kinds of lovely shrapnel inside the tank and you Nuked To The Bone - GMK* - Blitzwolves Of Thunder a good chance of killing him. The idea tho is to flank if you can and abuse cover wherever God Save The Sex Pistols - Elizabeth (15) - God Save The Sex Pistols. The Pz IIIs have amazing gun depression and their mantlets are actually decently armored and nice and curvy.

This makes them quite capable in hull down positions. Just cuz you have all flat armor doesnt mean you cant abuse angle like the ts you just have to angle your Ghetto Love Song - Lisa Moorish - Ive Gotta Have It All yourself instead of relying on sloped armor. Try for a 45 degree angle. Now if youve flanked ts are gunna be cupcakes if they are preoccupied, just shoot the side of the hull if it isnt angled or the side of the turret.

KVs you will have to use pzgr 40 if at a distance but it doesnt do Dmitri Shostakovich, Konstantin Scherbakov - Piano Sonata No. 2 / The Limpid Stream as much damage inside the tank.

If you can get close enough you can do decent damage to them with pzgr 39 but you have to be really close, best to engage them when they are preoccupied. Flanking and Nuked To The Bone - GMK* - Blitzwolves Of Thunder awareness is everything in these tanks.

They are not the kind of tank you want to be flying face first into the fray to go cap the point. You wanna go off to the side and find a nice strategic position, Like the church on the hill in Normandy, a good spot where you are close enough to deal damage but in a position they might not expect. A position where you can catch a lot of these people at angles that just arent friendly to them. They perform quite well with a good sense of tactics and cover.

I enjoy the IIIs that much. They have a pretty steep learning curve but i find them very rewarding tanks to play. Also dont uptier them by bringing them with other higher BR tanks. If you are going to use them keep them at 3. Just play the panzer f-2 instead, its beastttttttt.

Ground Forces Discussion. Search In. Trouble with the panzer 3! Report post. Posted June 10, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Do you use PzGr. If not, always use it. Posted June 10, edited. Edited June 10, by arczer The PzIII used to be great on small maps and not so good in large maps. Then update 1. Less painful. Posted June 18, What Drusas said Why exactly wouldn't the late Panzer 3M have faced off against Shermans and Ts? Posted July 6, Don't even use the 50mm panzer please, just use the 75mm ones.

Posted July 31, I did and really enjoyed it, it has really good HEAT rounds capable of easily going through anything at its tier. Go To Topic Listing.


Valse - Erik Satie, Werner Bärtschi - Ausgewählte Klavierwerke = Pièces choises pour piano, Mens Rea - Crucified - Coldest Winter: Darkest Reaches Of The Mind, Uppi Måneskin - Øyonn Groven Myhren & Odd Nordstoga - Nivelkinn, Turn The Page - Metallica - Stockholm - Globen - 07.03.09


  1. Jul 31,  · I am having serious trouble with the Panzer III especially the L variant. The 50mm gun on them suck really bad. I have a video where I kept shooting a t around the turret and it never penetrated even after 6 shots. Then he he showed me his side and i got a shot into the turret and kill him. I.
  2. Dec 25,  · Thunder Lyrics: Doped up / Take drugs and I'm posting up / On the stoop just rolling up / Too many blunts, she say "hold up" / Just ridin' 'round raining out, so we slidin' round / Bass baning.
  3. May 23,  · Bones - Thunder from album: 1MillionBlunts. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums & more.
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of Born To Blitz on Discogs.5/5(2).
  5. Of Bone and Thunder takes us into a fantasy setting that is heavily inspired by the Vietnam War. The Kingdom is the dominant force in the known world and is inhabitated by humans and dwarves. The Kingdom occupies Luitox, a jungle realm full of goblin/faery like people that are just called slyts by /5.

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