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No Pocket Theremin - Mirabilia - Mondomirabilia Twelve Songs About Space

Label: Sleepin Corporate - SLCD012 • Format: CD • Country: Italy • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock
Download No Pocket Theremin - Mirabilia  - Mondomirabilia Twelve Songs About Space

The theremin a. The player waves their hands near its antennas, using the electrical conductance of the body to alter the sound. It creates a very pure tone, and Champion Charley Brown - Rod McKuen - Greatest Hits Vol.

3 like a lower-pitched version of someone tuning in an old-fashioned radio to a test signal. The retrofuturistic and haunting sound of the Theremin is closely associated with Speculative Fiction and horror from the black-and-white era, but it shows up in some very odd places.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. In Nodame Cantabilethere is an extremely creepy girl who resembles, and is mistaken by some to be, a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl.

Her favorite instrument to play is the theremin. In Chapter 2 of Saint Young Menthe music-related sidenote about Jesus says that "he's curious about theremins". Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space.

Gneelix tells his wife to stop playing the theremin while he's delivering dramatic exposition. Films — Animation. Pinkie Pie: So magical Films — Live-Action. He also utilized the unusual instrument for Hitchcock's Spellbound That score was supposed to be the first one with the theremin, which producer David O.

Selznick was really excited about. He knew that The Lost Weekend would be released before Spellbound Weekend was released in November, Spellbound in Decemberthus spoiling Selznick's "first-score-with-theremin" thunder. The Day the Earth Stood Still is one of its most famous uses. Used to represent altered reality in eXistenZ and The Machinist. And in countless horror and science fiction B-movies between and In those times, if it wailed, it was usually a theremin. The Delicate Delinquenta Jerry Lewis film from the late s, was unusual for having an actual theremin on screen instead of just using it for the score.

It's mined for physical comedy, as Lewis' character stumbles upon it, slowly figures out that its sounds are corresponding to his movements, and starts Lizzy - Melvins - ATLANTIC Limited Edition Bundle (All Media, LP, Album, LP, Album, LP, Album, LP, A around it. There's a quasi-Beach Boys pastiche in the middle of Grace of My Heart that lampshades the theremin, where the band "The Riptides" features a real theremin player onscreen during a recording session reminiscent of the one in "Good Vibrations"with "Brian" commenting that he "liked the theremin at the end.

An odd non-science fiction example with I Live In Fearwhere the theme song has a theremin in it. Live-Action TV. As befitting a sitcom about aliens, ABC's The Neighbors used a theremin sting as its opening for the show's first season. The opening to Doctor Who doesn't use one, but evokes the sound. The musicians in this case actually cobbled some parts from the technical department and built a synthesizer to simulate it.

A soprano singer emulated its signature sound. The Midsomer Murders theme and underscore uses it, to great, creepy effect. Victory - Gonfanon - Medieval Hymns theme music to Dark Shadows does, as well. Harry Lubin, composer for One Step Beyond and the second season of The Outer Limitsused the theremin extensively in his scores for both series.

The title character in Hannibal teaches his apprentice-turned-lover Alana Bloom to play theremin as part of his general bon vivant persona. It fits nicely with her odd, eccentric demeanor. In the Cry Wilderness episode of Mystery Science Theater Jonah puts a theremin in a Thanksgiving turkey for his invention exchange, the point of the invention being that it adds a new musical tradition to the holiday.

When he cuts into it, the turkey plays theremin music. The bots find it unsettling. Servo: Yeah, really reminds you you're cutting into a once-living thing. Hisashi Imai of Buck Tick has this as one of his signature instruments. It pops up in a lot of Buck-Tick's songs The '60s psychedelic band Lothar and the Hand People was known for using the theremin.

It fit well with the album's sci-fi Conspiracy Theorist themes. Converge used this extensively on their Jane Doe album, to genuinely heart-stopping effect. The Hungarian space rock band Omega has always loved the theremin, and it shows up in multiple songs.

The Road Hammers may be the only country music band in history to use one. Vadim from DragonForce plays one in addition to keyboard. John Otway uses a theremin in part of his cover of Crazy Horses. He doesn't so much play it, as use it to replace the screams in the refrain. Bill Bailey uses it as part of his keyboard setup, usually for comedic effect. Several of Doctor Steel 's songs incorporate the theremin or at least samples of theremins.

Possibly subverted No Pocket Theremin - Mirabilia - Mondomirabilia Twelve Songs About Space The Bs ' song "Planet Claire" — it sounds like they A New Society - obnoXIuz - 12 Inches Of Illness a theremin at one point, but that's actually Kate Pierson's voice.

The Polyphonic Spree had a theremin player aroundwho appeared on their Together We're Heavy album. Covenant 's first hit single was named "Theremin" after Leon No Pocket Theremin - Mirabilia - Mondomirabilia Twelve Songs About Space , the instrument's inventor, but does not actually use it.

Twentieth-century composer Percy Grainger wrote for an ensemble of four to six Theremins instead of a string quartet in his composition "Free Music," utilizing their potential for notes of indeterminate pitch. Used rather poignantly on Ulver 's Shadows of the Sun album. The trance tune "Dark Blue" by Cabala.

The Spaghetti Western Orchestra use illuminated platforms and dramatic lighting to make a big deal out of the one use of a theremin in their show — to replace the operatic female vocal in "Jill's Theme" from Once Upon a Time in the West.

Joy Electric has used the instrument in concert as more of a noisemaker than a real "instrument". Or at least a similar-sounding synthesizer is used. It's implied that the theremin is being played by leg. Dream Theater uses one in one verse in "A Nightmare to Remember". Jean-Michel Jarre supposedly used this in "Oxygene 10"likely in homage to classic sci-fi films. During his tour, he even explained the Theremin to his audience and briefly told them its history.

The Black Lips feature a guest theremin player on their single "Modern Art. By the way, the Theremin might not be as popular as it is today, weren't it for Dr. Robert A. Moog himself, later founder of Moog Music, who has been making the Etherwave Theremin from on, for a while under the brand name Big Briar. A handful of songs by Rammstein No Pocket Theremin - Mirabilia - Mondomirabilia Twelve Songs About Space a theremin especially "En Lied" and "Tier".

The other two instruments were a Rhodes piano and In the This American Life episode "Classifieds" where they comb the want ads to put a band together and record a Kilometre (Original Mix) - Chicane - Коллекция Альбомов. CD 2 all in 24 hours, one of the band members is a man who plays a Theremin.

To take advantage of this they decide the song they'll record is "Rocket Man. Video Games. It also shows up prominently in the iconic Metropolis theme from the first game, which helps sell the city's retro Art Deco aesthetic only in the first game, though; for the third game, the theremin section was replaced with a James Bond -esque guitar riff. Destroy All Humans! The Movies uses a theremin sound as the stock sound effect for handling a Sci-Fi script.

Grout's a batshit insane leader of an equally insane vampiric Banana Boat (Day-O) - Stan Freberg - The Capitol Collectors Series mansion.

A giant theremin, that he plays by levitating and moving his whole body up and down. Larry Palaroncini: Weird instruments are the new four-necked guitar! Web Comics.

In the various musical tracks that accompany HomestuckJack Noir is often leitmotifed No Pocket Theremin - Mirabilia - Mondomirabilia Twelve Songs About Space what sounds like a theremin. He needs and uses up its sole oscillator to jump forward to Web Videos.

A theremin makes a last-minute appearance in the ending sequence of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blogre-doing the opening theme. Western Animation. Ben 10 uses this in the soundtrack of the first series to fit the excitement of being an alien hero. Baboon plays a Theremin in one episode of I Am Weaseland the instrument somehow keeps causing earthquakes. The Simpsons : In an episode, the family hear what they think is a ghost haunting their attic.

On their way up to investigate, the obligatory spooky theremin music starts playing. Homer hears the music and is not happy about the ghost getting a hold of his theremin. Despite being often featured on the soundtrack, it wasn't until the Treehouse of Horror episode that an actual theremin was used. Before that, No Pocket Theremin - Mirabilia - Mondomirabilia Twelve Songs About Space was emulated by a synthesizer.

Used in an episode of American Dad! While flashing back to the day he met Roger at Area 51, the theremin plays in the background. Stan stops and says he's going to check the room it's coming from.


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  2. Jul 17,  · The weird, antenna device that Jimmy Page uses in "Whole Lot Of Love" on the live LP, "The Song Remains the Same.".
  3. Nov 14,  · Theremin was fun to play song was played on Coast to Coast AM once! UFO space soundtrack music I made - sci-fi sounds - enjoy! UFO Space Music with Theremin YouTube;.
  4. The Hungarian space rock band Omega has always loved the theremin, and it shows up in multiple songs. The Road Hammers may be the only country music band in history to use one. Vadim from DragonForce plays one in addition to keyboard. John Otway uses a theremin in part of his cover of Crazy Horses. He doesn't so much play it, as use it to.
  5. Feb 07,  · The Real Instrument Behind The Sound In 'Good Vibrations': All Songs Considered It's often mistaken for a theremin, but in fact, the instrument used on the classic Beach Boys song .
  6. This, as much as you hated to admit it, was useful. And, as long as he stayed, you could make sure he only killed ones that were too wounded to make it on their own. It still made you feel bad. Lastly, not including yourself at least, there was Mary. No one knew if the whole “I do it for the mayonnaise” thing was a joke or not.

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