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16 - Obsolete (Office Equipment) - Shuffle / Random

Label: Haze - [HAZE034] • Format: 40x, File MP3, Album 320 kbps • Country: Belarus • Genre: Electronic • Style: Noise
Download 16 - Obsolete (Office Equipment) - Shuffle / Random

In all the years, I think I used 16 - Obsolete (Office Equipment) - Shuffle / Random only a few times. One use was to shuffle the "cards" in a black jack game I wrote for fun.

The other was shuffling the play list of my mp3 player. And in some use cases, its even more important that you can't guess the order of certain elements.

As I want a new feature 16 - Obsolete (Office Equipment) - Shuffle / Random the online voting tool: random order for talks. This is very important, otherwise the talks first submitted might get a little bit better votes as the last submitted talks.

As not every body is clicking and voting through all talks, and more important: if there are 2 talks on the same or a similar topic, people tend to vote a little better for the first. The Illusions - Le Grand Manège - Le Grand Manège is anonymous, so that you also cannot see the speakers name.

And as mentioned, if the order isn't random, the vote distribution isn't equal. Now, the order of the talks is random. The tool will load from a data source the data by talk id, and save the vote. But of course, the order needs to be different for every voter, otherwise the same problems occur as mentioned above.

What does that mean? History knows 3 different versions of random shuffle :. So, using shuffle is fairly easy, but requires the setup of the random number generator:. The standard offers several different RNGthe mersenne twister based RNG is a good default, also its available in a 64 bit version.


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  3. std::random_shuffle is deprecated in C++ published at by Jens Weller. So, one of the new things in C++14 is, that the committee has actually started to deprecate (and later remove) a few things from the standard. One of them is a rather awkward function: random_shuffle. In all the years, I think I used it only a few times.
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