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On The Rise - Proclamation - Straight Edge Hardcore


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Read the story of straight edge hardcore, a curious clean-living subculture that emerged in reaction to the excesses of punk. Yet from punk came hardcore, an aggressive, fast, stripped-down style inspired by pioneers such as Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Fear, and Bad Brains. And hardcore would quickly spawn a counterculture within the punk counterculture: kids who believed true punk revolution lay in not using drugs, in not drinking oneself to death.

Despite what seemed like anti-rebellious rebellion, straight edge punk persists as a vibrant element of many music scenes and as an important culture in its own right. Listen to the playlist, and continue reading below. While straight On The Rise - Proclamation - Straight Edge Hardcore holds many different meanings to many different people, a lifetime commitment to On The Rise - Proclamation - Straight Edge Hardcore from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol remains the cornerstone of the movement: no drinking, no smoking, no recreational drugs.

Beyond these basic principles, adherents have blended straight edge with other lifestyles and ideologies. Many adopt vegetarian or vegan diets.

Some avoid caffeine. But substance-free living remains the bedrock of straight edge culture, a promise meant to be for life. Originally meant to distinguish underage fans at shows so they would not be served alcohol, the X became a sign of defiance in the face of the self-destructive punk attitude and a more general culture of intoxication. The live performance is where straight edge hardcore truly shines. The frenetic On The Rise - Proclamation - Straight Edge Hardcore of the punk circle pit reached new levels as hardcore kids incorporated kung-fu kicks, maniacal stomping, and acrobatic stage dives into their moshing repertoire.

During the most transcendent hardcore Παντού Θα Σε Ψάχνω - Various - Χρυσές Επιτυχίες 2005 the band and audience are virtually indistinguishable, as kids literally crawl over one another to sing into the mic, and divers burst onto the stage before catapulting into the melee below. Despite a few high-profile straight edgers — professional wrestler CM Punk, pro baseball player C.

A few successful bands, such as Rise Against, Killswitch Engage, and Throwdown, have straight edge members. Still, since its inception, straight edge has spread around the world, with vibrant hardcore scenes from Indonesia and South Africa to Brazil and Sweden.

What follows is a brief tour through straight edge history using some of the key bands and records to illustrate significant moments in the scene.

Minor Threat Minor Threat Dischord 3, Vocalist Ian MacKaye insists that he had no intention of starting a movement and that he was singing about his own personal choice and pushing back against a scene that mocked his abstinence. Yet the in-your-face demand for drug-free respect struck a chord with young people across the US and beyond, and Minor Threat continue to inspire kids around the world.

Uniform Choice Screaming for Change Wishingwell, Straight edge quickly caught hold across the US, including southern California where bands Unity and later Uniform Choice became the foundation of a burgeoning scene. Tree Of Souls - Various - Dari Bali 2 - Chillpresso SoCal punk scene followed the nihilistic, drug-dependent, violent script common to punk at the time, captured in the classic documentary The Decline of Western Civilization.

However, the movement also became increasingly hyper-masculine, marginalising women and attracting jocks more interested in fighting than positivity. Judge New York Crew Schism, Not everyone was enamoured of the clean-living philosophy and many found bands from Minor Threat onwards as preachy and judgmental. Despite their professed positivity, Youth of Today faced attacks on many fronts.

The metal-inspired riffs foreshadowed the next era of metallic hardcore and the forceful lyrics left little doubt where the band stood. While many US punk bands wore their politics on their sleeves, youth crew straight edge bands were just as likely to sing about the scene, personal growth, and being straight edge for the sake of it.

Earth Crisis Firestorm Victory, Unbroken Life. Regret New Age, Released on influential hardcore label New Age Records, Life. Regret departed from the scene-celebrating positivity of the youth crew era, instead exploring darker emotions, loneliness, pain, and suicide.

Several songs reflect a struggle for individuality, peace, and clarity in the face of corrupt industrial technology, deceptive religion, and addictive drugs.

They bridged youth crew and metalcore styles while creating something unique; sold out reunion shows around the world prove that their impact lives on. Champion Promises Kept Bridge Nine, Bya variety of hardcore bands had toured the globe, but Champion was one of the first to tour extensively beyond Europe, visiting South America and the Pacific Rim. Many of the lyrics on Promises Kept capture the feelings of being let down by friends, facing life changes and challenges, reminiscing about the past, and persevering in the face of adversity, all common straight edge themes.

Along with Washington, D. Wolf x Down Stray From the Path Arriving inmuch of the political and creative energy of straight edge lies outside the US.

Wolf Down, a vegan, anarchist straight edge band from Germany, are the poster children for political hardcore. Vehemently against homo- and transphobia, animal cruelty, nationalism and racism, the band pairs heavy riffs and brutal, metallic breakdowns with a resounding call for revolution. Extensive touring, including in Asia, has put them on the global straight edge map.

As ofwe are in the midst of a perpetual reunion show, with youth crew bands including YOT and Judge On The Rise - Proclamation - Straight Edge Hardcore hardcore fests and touring internationally. Rare pressings of many of these early records sell for hundreds, even thousands of US dollars.

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  1. Straight Edge Hardcore (Proclamation) What It Takes (Proclamation) In The Family (Proclamation) Glorify The Lies (Proclamation) You Should Pay (Proclamation) On The Rise (Proclamation) Torn Apart (Proclamation) You Gave In (Proclamation) Forget What I've Seen/Marked For Life (The Trust) Too Young (The Trust)
  2. Jun 11,  · A few successful bands, such as Rise Against, Killswitch Engage, and Throwdown, have straight edge members. Still, since its inception, straight edge has spread around the world, with vibrant hardcore scenes from Indonesia and South Africa to Brazil and ishndoraakirtaum.infoinfo: VF Team.
  3. On The Rise Lyrics: We rose again, fierce and strong / Thought we left? Well, you were wrong / We'll never fall; we'll never retreat / If you stay clean, you'll never be beat / We're a rising force.
  4. Jul 13,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Proclamation - Straight Edge Hardcore at Discogs. Complete your Proclamation collection.5/5(1).
  5. INFO: Chronicling the first four years of Bridge Nine's history, this CD is perfect for any fan curious about the beginnings of this modern day hardcore powerhouse. This disc includes B9's first four releases; Tenfold's "Now Is Our Time" EP, Tenfold/Sum Of All Fears split EP, Proclamation's "Straight Edge Hardcore" EP and The Trust "Self-Titled" EP.
  6. Proclamation lyrics, Proclamation discography sorted by album. facebook; Straight Edge Hardcore EP () Straight Edge Hardcore lyrics; What It Takes lyrics In The Family lyrics; Glorify The Lies lyrics; You Should Pay lyrics; On The Rise lyrics; Torn Apart lyrics; You Gave In lyrics; Social. Top Lyrics. Ed Sheeran - I Don't Care lyrics.

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